The Basic Payment - Specialist Advice for your BPS Entitlement needs.

  • Mark Dyson Chartered Surveyors was formed specifically to deal with client work in connection with Single Payment in 2008. The company now deals throughout the UK with all aspects of the Basic Payment Scheme including:
  • Trading of the following types of BPS Entitlements in England and Wales:
    • English Non SDA
    • English SDA
    • English Moorland
    • Welsh Standard
  • Valuation of BPS Entitlements

Budgetary advice so that a Purchaser of Entitlements will know the likely annual payments of each of the Entitlements purchased;
Completion of BPS claim forms;
Dealing with the Rural Payments Agency over issues arising from claims;
RPA appeals;
Legal disputes/Landlord and Tenant issues arising from Entitlement transfer and or BPS claims


The firm deals with all clients, large and small on an individual basis and time will be taken to explain the intricacies of the Scheme and how it will affect the individual circumstances of the client.

A base list of BPS Entitlements for sale is detailed on this website, but due to the nature of the continual change in supply and demand it is always best to contact us directly on the day.