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Non SDA 45.02 Offers 22
Non SDA 18.35 Offers 42
Non SDA 42.00 Offers 37
Non SDA 16.31 Offers 2
Non SDA 13.18 Offers 3
Non SDA 3.75 Offers 5
Non SDA 1.18 Offers 7
Non SDA 0.41 Offers 7
Non SDA 0.40 Offers 12
Non SDA 2.57 Offers 32
SDA 70.00 Offers
SDA 30.70 Offers 34
SDA 0.50 Offers 33
SDA 65.80 Offers 14
Moorland 64.00 Offers 11
Non SDA 45.00 under offer 22
Non SDA 47.00 under offer 1
Non SDA 6.00 under offer 15
Non SDA 2.00 under offer 6
Non SDA 34.26 under offer 4


Non SDA 47
Non SDA 12.75
Non SDA 31.84
Moorland 200
Non SDA 35
Non SDA 25.86
Non SDA 90


March 2021

Slightly increased supplies of Non SDA Entitlements have had a slight downward pressure on prices which have reduced to £135-£140/ha + VAT (£150/ha for Non VAT Entitlements). The price of SDA Entitlements has remained firm at about £175-£180/ha + VAT.

February 2021

The RPA opened the trading window for English entitlements at the beginning of February and announced the transfer deadline as 17th May 2021. Trading has started more strongly than usual at £150/ha + VAT for English Non SDA with smaller lots without VAT achieving slightly more. Prices for SDA and Moorland are £180/ha + VAT and £30-40/ha + Vat respectively.

The Government has announced the continuation of BPS until 2024 albeit with widely publicised tiered reductions. Confirmation that entitlements will be required at least until 2024 has underpinned the market and, as ever, price movements are all about supply and demand rather than investment yield. In other words, the fact that the BPS payments are coming down does not necessarily mean that the entitlement prices will be lower now that there is some certainty about future payments.

May 2020

15th May (midnight) is still the BPS 2020 entitlement transfer deadline as published on 03.05.2020 by Rural Payments Agency. This is also the deadline to have land at customer's disposal.

15th June 2020 (midnight) is the new deadline for BPS 2020 applications (including Young and New Farmer applications)

March 2020

Market Prices for English BPS Entitlements:
Non SDA large lots £105/ha + VAT
Non SDA small lots £115/ha + VAT
Non SDA without VAT £125/ha
SDA small and large lots £180/ha + VAT
SDA Moorland large lots £35/ha + VAT

February 2020

Trading is now underway for 2020 Basic Payment Entitlements. Rural Payments system open.

May 2019

Trading has now closed for 2019 Scheme Year. Please contact this office for forward trading - 2020 entitlements.

April 2019

Non SDA large lots £110/ha + VAT

SDA large lots £175/ha + VAT
SDA small lots £180/ha + VAT
Moorland - £40/ha + VAT

March 2019

On-line Basic Payment Entitlement (BPS) trading is now in full swing, coupled with the fact that the Rural Payment Agency has how "opened" the claim window for 2019 Basic Payment Claims (BPS).

Current Prices for English BPS Entitlements are quoted at:

Non SDA large lots £130/ha + VAT
Non SDA small lots £140/ha + VAT
Non SDA without VAT £145/ha
SDA large lots £180/ha + VAT
SDA small lots £200/ha + VAT
Moorland - £40/ha + VAT

January 2019

Advance trading of entitlements has now started ahead of the RPA on-line trading window which is expected to open in February. Prices for English BPS Entitlements are quoted at:

£150+VAT for Non SDA,
£175+VAT for SDA
£55+VAT for Moorland.
Prices for entitlements without VAT are currently £10-£15/ha higher.


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