Farm business consultancy

  • Mid-tier Countryside Stewardship applications; capital grants
  • Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) any time of year;
  • NVZ records and calculations can be carried out for farms or land managers where land falls within in the Nitrate Vulnerable Zone catchments in Devon and Cornwall;
  • Young Farmer applications ;
  • Farm Business Tenancies .


April 2023

Countryside Stewardship Schemes have been published for 2023 - the most popular uptake being:

* Mid Tier Stewardship for a medley of revenue options (annual payments) and capital items with 3 years for completion for the latter in most cases (applications in by 18.08.2023 latest).

Please however bear in mind that Catchment Sensitive officers need to be approached at least 10 weeks in advance and priority habitat approval by RPA may be required in good time.

* Wildlife offers

* Capital grants only

January 2023

DEFRA has now published an outline of the ELMs scheme under the domestic umbrella. The Sustainable Farming Incentive is hoped to attract the majority of farmers (around 70%). Currently offering two incentives to improve soil health, the whole scheme will have expanded with further options by 2025.

Since the now established Countryside Stewardship has recently had a better uptake, a decision has been made to "evolve" the scheme into a newly named Countryside Stewardship "Plus". Certainly some options only available currently on Higher Tier will be made available to Mid Tier applicants.

The third arm of ELMs is Landscape Recovery for large scale sites for groups of landowners in co-operation.



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