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There continues to be an invitation for domestic Countryside Stewardship applications for 2022 and 2023 in all forms, with potential to migrate to ELMS in 2024 and beyond. Higher Tier application packs need to be requested by 31st March, whilst Mid Tier packs have a deadline of 27th May 2022.

The RPA has confirmed that Countryside Stewardship is continuing at least for another year, and applications are invited for 2022 start date. The scheme remains much the same, however there are some changes, including the aspiration for more "face to face" guidance , and an increase in capital grant options. More information can be found at GOV.UK Countryside Stewardship 2021

Applications are now being invited (by the RPA) for Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship. Application packs can be downloaded or e-mailed to customers now. Applications needs to be returned by 31st July 2020

Applications are now being invited (by the RPA) for Wildlife Countryside Stewardship offers (non-competitive but with no capital items included). The offers are divided into categories: Uplands, Lowland, Arable and Mixed.
Applications need to be returned by 31st July 2020.

Examples of the work we are involved in:

  • Mid-Tier and Wildlife offers Countryside Stewardship applications;
  • NVZ records and calculations can be carried out for farms or land managers where land falls within in the Nitrate Vulnerable Zone catchments in Devon and Cornwall;
  • BPS Claims – for new claimants or those wishing to use an Agent perhaps for the first time – please contact Mark Dyson at this office well before the 15th May deadline;
  • Young Farmer applications ;
  • Farm Business Tenancies .


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